Deer Lodge Historic Preservation Commission

The Preservation Commission is a certified local government entity, created by the adoption of Resolution No. 979, adopted by the City Council of the City of Deer Lodge Montana and approved by the Mayor on February 5, 2001. The purpose is to establish a local historic preservation program to promote the preservation of historic and prehistoric sites, structures, objects, buildings and districts through the identification, evaluation and protection of historic and pre-historic resources. The Commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City of Deer Lodge, the City and County Planning Board and other pertinent bodies or organizations. The Commission will have the powers and duties as directed in the City of Deer Lodge’s Resolution No. 979.

The City of Deer Lodge is the county seat of Powell County in Southwestern Montana.



This website is under construction, please check back as we add information and pictures about the history of Deer Lodge Montana.

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  1. Hello — I’m co-administrator, with cousin Don Kohrs, of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Foundation’s page on Facebook. Our nonprofit serves to support the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site in its outreach to the American public. Our page aims to educate and excite people not just about the ranch’s history, but also the history of Deer Lodge and the valley, which is wound into the ranch’s history at every turn. We have a growing international visitorship for our page. It’s great to find your website, with all its fine historic photos and information. Our readers love this kind of material, especially when it’s about Main Street and its historic businesses and institutions. I’m asking your permission to repost your photos, and quote some of your text, now and then on our Facebook page. Photos and text will be credited, and a hyperlink to your site provided. Please let me know if this is okay with you. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. — Best, Patricia Nell Warren

    • Hi Patricia,
      I just took over managing this website. You are more than welcome to use any photo you find here or to repost anything for the Foundation.

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